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We Develop Athletes of ALL Sports

Change your mind and Change your LIFE!

We have been in the sports therapy training side of athletic performance for over 10 years. We have helped kids make well over $30 Million dollars in signing bonuses - and counting. We have been gifted with the ability to help athletes recover from what was originally diagnosed as career ending injuries. We have changed running form, batting swings, kicking form and function, increased agility, pitching mechanics, golf swings, weight lifting form, flexibility to include injury prevention. We are who you call when you want to be the G.O.A.T. or have no hope and still have the passion to play. We develop the details that have long since been overlooked. When you come to us, you come to people that don't treat you like a number - you are seen and you become a part of a sports family that works hard - with you - for your success. Don't go another day in pain - or on the bench - or have the coach tell you that your skills aren't good enough. 
When you change your mind - you change your life! 


It's the DOING and the FEELING of your feet

It's crazy to think most athletes don't know how to run properly, but it's true. Most athletes run behind themselves and not on top of their feet. It's also crazy for an athlete to feel mentally fast yet physically slow. It's the science of being on top of your feet, balanced, with strong feet and ankles. We blame shoes - most EVERYONE was perfect as a baby. Babies walk on top of their feet, they squat properly with their knee over top of their ankles. Pull up a YouTube right now and check it out. It is TRUE! 
When speed and agility are required in any sport, the athlete must be balanced, strong, and stable. If an athlete runs behind themselves, they are slow in both speed and very slow with agility. In addition, it causes muscle dysfunction issues at the knees and hips because the body is designed to be centered, not dragging. The centering of an athlete is individual - It can't be found in a book or on a diagram. While they can be very close guesess...It isn't individual body specific  center. When an athlete finds their personal center, and learns how to access the power, they will surpass even their own unspoken expectations. 
The Keys are to be Balanced and Centered and your game will change dramatically!


Doing it right even when you are the only one.

Oh The pressure of sports. An athlete is weighed and measured, every which way possible from trainers, coaches, fans and the most harsh critic is themselves! How does anyone thrive in an environment like that? It's hard and without the proper tools. It's all about operating the body with proper mechanics, on the proper plane and with the available muscles. Coaches, Trainers, Chiropractors, PT's, Orthopedics - EVERYONE  has "The Fix" or the single latest and greatest idea out there to "fix" a problem. The issue isn't that their idea isn't good, rather the body can't perform the task required regardless of the new invention. Seriously, if the body can't move properly, and correctly, injuries happen. Surgeries should be a thing of the past especially in baseball, but coaches aren't yet ready to address the body properly. They would rather throw a pitcher until a surgery is needed rather than fix mechanics. CRAZY! So, how does one know what to do? Or Where to go? The answer can not be the same as you always have done! That's insanity - right?  
We WORK on the BODY  to PERFORM repeatedly, as PERFECT as possible!


It's ALL about the details

An elite athlete must pay attention to form. Form is having the proper structure, clean muscle tissue, ample support, and flexibility to repeat the same action again and again with out deviation. THAT is what a win looks like. 
We provide our athletes access to their bodies that is unprecedented in most circles. From the Olympic athlete to the middle school athlete. We help our athletes be the best. It doesn't matter what sport - A body is a body and the angles of the body are all the same. The strengths and weaknesses are individual to each  sport and position. 
We teach form also known as operational details, feeling balance and how to access physical power to strike a soccer ball, to sprint or last a full IM, to pitch or swing a bat, club, a LAX stick or racket.  While the tool is different with each sport, the body remains constant. 
Every arm, leg, and joint operates  at the specific angle conducive with any available muscle support. 
To be the best - the body must be clear of any muscle restriction, space to allow for lactic acid build up, remove scar tissue and learn personal body movement details. 

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